The toy set is solid. It has all the sand toys one kid can possibly need. I bought it for my two-year-old boy. We go to the beach at least once a week, and the little homie doesn’t even leave from the under the umbrella because he’s digging away at the sand. Of course, I gotta help him and I’m forced to play with this thing with him. Even for me, it’s a lot of things, from the sand filter thingy to the castle shaped thingy, I’m filling this thing up with sand, and I’m helping dig all the way down until we find China. Really, the best part is the plastic case with handle. I just dump all those things in there and I’m on my way back to the whip. Dump and keep it in the trunk, and I’m happy and most importantly the little man is happy. It’s kid- and dad-friendly.

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