My son loves playing in the sand at the beach or in our yard in the sandbox. This set has everything you could possibly need for playing in the sand. It has a bucket, various molds, shovel, rake, watering can, a sand sifter, and 4 small blow up beach balls. Probably the best thing this set includes, for me anyway, is a plastic zip-up storage bad and a net bag to use at the beach when the toys are wet and covered in sand. I have 2 kids and have purchased numerous sand toy sets over the years because they never come with a decent reusable bag and end up getting lost over time. These toys are bright colored and made from a thick plastic. They are a much better quality than some of the ones I have purchased from dollar stores in the past. It is far too cold right now to play in the sand so my son has been using them in the bathtub. Yesterday he tried the molds in the snow and had a great time making different shapes. You could also use these with play-dough or clay, in the dirt, etc. There are many more uses than just playing in the sand.

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