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We bought this for my 4 year old, 1 year old nephews and 7 month old cousin to keep and play with at our Nana’s house and THEY LOVE IT! They are rough boys and the 1 year old loves to climb so I bought this one because it was collapsible and they wouldn’t mess it up if they sit on the sides! We also wanted something that was easy to put up if my Nana wanted to put it up and its perfect! And actually a lot bigger than I expected! They love it and can all fit it at once! And they love the basketball goal! The 4 year old loves basketball goals so he LOVES it! We got our balls at Walmart! We started out with 100 balls (the bag of balls at Walmart comes with 100 balls) but before Christmas got here we ended up getting 2 more bags (a total of 300 balls) and we were so glad we did! because 100 balls didn’t even make a dent in it and didn’t even cover the flood of the pit! So 300 balls was perfect!

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