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Is this made in China?

Amazon does not want you to KNOW where items are manufactured, esp now that many customers are refusing to buy Chinese goods. This item came up when I searched “toys made in America…” and you know that is no accident!
By Debi Carey on November 16, 2020
This was helpful information, I like to know where things are manufactured and made, Amazon should have more clear listings on this detail on products
By Ele on September 12, 2020
It Looks like…
By Veronica Castro on November 5, 2020
Yes 🙁
By Brandi on May 27, 2020

Where does it ship from?

By memaw on April 25, 2020


The finger nail polish stays tacky like the fake Barbie polish the rest is ok and washes off easily
By candy on May 25, 2020

By Rex L Barnwell on May 25, 2020
I just ordered this on march31st for 25.00....and it's still not here? and now today you are selling it for 50{7860d40d034f1641602c3c54ef3b0f6c2f3624340c979018eddef1fb160fc2cc} off what i paid and saying its prime?

Contact Amazon and talk to them. I’ve always had an awesome experience with customer service. They actually just refunded me 7 months back of a subscription I had no clue I was signed up for
By Allisonm805 on April 17, 2020

I order this in early December and it’s still not here..the seller is very rude as well
By Becky A. on December 28, 2020
Someone here said the seller was very rude. I never call the seller. I call Amazon and they always make things right. Once an Amazon customer service rep told me she would email the seller for me. She did and the seller refunded my money. Call Amazon!
By AmOzon Woman on May 8, 2021

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