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Beach Sand Toy Set Models & Molds

(6 customer reviews)


  • FoxPrint play set includes – this 16 piece sand beach toy set have multi-colored shapes and molds, alligator, crocodile, turtle, hand, bunny, dinosaur, 2 Castle molds walls, 2 round castles, 1 Castle bucket, sand sifter, watering can, rake and shovel!
  • Play and promotion – provides hours of imaginative play that promotes hand-eye coordination and critical thinking skills. Go toys bright and colorful easy to carry high-quality sand molding set will keep your child busy & motivated for hours, Its a way to make children imagination come true.
  • Considering a Gift – there is no better way to send your happy wishes for any given occasion The kids will love this great gift, every kid can make an ordinary day on the water or sand, extra-special with this bright and colorful beach toys set. So no body misses out on water fun no matter where it happens!
  • Quality check – During our research, We gave beach toys available in the market to kids and got first-hand experience of poor quality that offer no emotional connection. So we decided to make our own real, durable, clever designs. So here comes. We researched the best, light, high-quality, material.


A bright and colorful sand molding set helps your child get acquainted with different colors. Big fun in the sun and sandbox toys that promote creativity and active play while having fun in the sun. Make an ordinary day on the beach extra-special with this set. Complete with tons of tools and accessories to build a beautiful castle or just play in the sand, it’s ideal for creative crafters who love the outdoors and a way to make children’s imagination come true.

This colorful and engaging set is a great hands-on activity. There’s nothing like a classic to get you in the mood for summer and water fun. It’s a way to make children’s imagination come true. Make various things of sand with tools given. This set will promote eye and hand coordination and imaginative play. So nobody misses out on water fun no matter where it happens! In the package alligator, Crocodile, turtle, hand, bunny, dinosaur, 2 Castle molds walls, 2 round castles, 1 Castle bucket, sand sifter, watering can, rake and shovel!.

Quality check during our research, We gave beach toys available in the market To kids and got the first-hand experience of poor quality that offer no emotional connection. So we decided to make our own real, durable, clever designs that offer fun and beauty For kids and parents to enjoy. So here comes to go toys. Our team researched the best material available in the market To design these toys. With more than 20 years of experience in designing and engineering innovative products. They are lighter, easy to carry high-quality beach toys. So do not hesitate and add to the cart.

6 reviews for Beach Sand Toy Set Models & Molds

  1. Betty Brick

    My grandkids love these beach toys and enjoy playing with them in the bath tub! The set comes in a nice zippered plastic bag with handles and a mesh hanging bag. A very quality set of toys; made of heavy plastic. Lots of molds – hands, gators, bunny, dinosaur, turtle, several castle molds, 2 shovels, a handled castle bucket with a larger castle mold, sifters and a water spout bucket. Also included is 4 blow up beach balls of faces! This is a great set for the beach and you can use it year round as toys for the bath tub. I recommend this beach/bath toy set!

  2. Jesica J

    Love the storage bag!
    My son loves playing in the sand at the beach or in our yard in the sandbox. This set has everything you could possibly need for playing in the sand. It has a bucket, various molds, shovel, rake, watering can, a sand sifter, and 4 small blow up beach balls. Probably the best thing this set includes, for me anyway, is a plastic zip-up storage bad and a net bag to use at the beach when the toys are wet and covered in sand. I have 2 kids and have purchased numerous sand toy sets over the years because they never come with a decent reusable bag and end up getting lost over time.
    These toys are bright colored and made from a thick plastic. They are a much better quality than some of the ones I have purchased from dollar stores in the past. It is far too cold right now to play in the sand so my son has been using them in the bathtub. Yesterday he tried the molds in the snow and had a great time making different shapes. You could also use these with play-dough or clay, in the dirt, etc. There are many more uses than just playing in the sand.

  3. Tiffany

    These toys are PERFECT for them

    We’ve had these for a bit now. My kids are obsessed with the indoor kinetic sand, these toys are PERFECT for them! They use them everytime they play with it now. Molding the different shapes and such! Waiting for summer and with this arm weather they’ve also used these to make mud shape mud pies! Works amazing. The two big sand castles however have yet to be used as we haven’t been to the beach since ordering. The carry case is nice and everything fits inside easily without have to organize a certain way. The beach balls are my youngesta favorite he LOVES the emoji faces. They’re small enough for me to be comfortable having them play with them inside. Toys are well made / durable, and easy to clean weather in sand or dirt!

  4. Julie A. Castro

    So much more than you expect!
    Oh goodness! This little sand set just made me smile! The set not only comes with the castle parts but so much more! There are several animal molds including alligators (or crocodiles maybe) . The set comes with its own plastic zip bag but a net to store them in while they dry out.
    The craftmanship is reallly good and is made from a strong durable plastic thats sure to last for years! My only regret was not being able to get it to beach, as the rainy season is upon us, so more pics to follow! I would highly recommend this addition to any beach gear or sand box!!

  5. S. Weeks

    This is such a great set. Foxies provided this set and asked me to provide an honest review. What a fun bunch of beach fun! The outer case is sturdy and zips open and closed. There is another folded net case bag inside to carry the set when they are wet and need to air dry. All of the shaped sand molds are thick and sturdy with no flimsy plastic. The bucket is the shape of the main part of a castle. There are other molds to help add on other parts of the castle. There’s a turtle and fish mold. Your little sand builder designer will have so much creative fun year after year. Everything is included in this adorable set for your little castle designers except the sand…you provide that for hours of fun.

  6. Landro Garcia

    It’s kid- and dad-friendly.
    The toy set is solid. It has all the sand toys one kid can possibly need. I bought it for my two-year-old boy. We go to the beach at least once a week, and the little homie doesn’t even leave from the under the umbrella because he’s digging away at the sand. Of course, I gotta help him and I’m forced to play with this thing with him. Even for me, it’s a lot of things, from the sand filter thingy to the castle shaped thingy, I’m filling this thing up with sand, and I’m helping dig all the way down until we find China. Really, the best part is the plastic case with handle. I just dump all those things in there and I’m on my way back to the whip. Dump and keep it in the trunk, and I’m happy and most importantly the little man is happy. It’s kid- and dad-friendly.

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