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Castle Princess Tents for Little Girls with Lights

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  • Adorable Princess Castle Play Tent – Inspired by all their favorite cartoons and movies this super cute princess tent for girls looks like a small castle with sheer curtains and gives them a place to lounge, relax, read, and play dress up.
  • Soft Starry Fairy Lights – Each Fox Print princess pop up tent includes soft star lights that can be hung up inside or outside the frame, which is sure to make this a fun day or nighttime play area for little girls of all ages.
  • Inspire Imagination and Interactive Fun – Young toddlers and kindergarten age girls will love pretending to be a magical princess, playing with their stuffed animals and dolls, taking quick beauty naps inside, and sharing it with friends and siblings.
  • Quick Pop-Up Play Tent Design – Easy to set up indoors or outdoors this princess castle tent for girls comes with step-by-step instructions, poles, and connectors to let parents set it up almost anywhere and with minimal effort.
  • Exciting Kid’s Gift Idea – Fox Print princess canopy tents make a great birthday, holiday, or Christmas gift for every little girl who loves playing pretend, dressing up like a princess, or pretending she’s a queen ruling her royal stuffed animal subjects.
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Inspire imagination and creative play with this adorable princess play tent with soft fairy glowing lights that’s sure to make her feel like she’s one in a million. There’s nothing more exciting as a parent than watching your child’s eyes light up when they’re getting to dress up, play pretend, and have fun in their own “little space”. Especially when you can give them a that’s sure to make them feel like a real princess. These colorful, pop-up canopy tents provide them with plenty of space to climb in and relax, play, read, and enjoy a little personal time in their own room or even outside. Larger, Kid-Friendly Play Space These premium princess play tents from Fox Print are a bigger 55” x 55” x 53” in size which gives you growing toddler or small child plenty of room to move around, stretch out, relax, or lay down. They can even put the sheer polyester walls down to “hide” or pull them back with convenient quick tie

3 reviews for Castle Princess Tents for Little Girls with Lights

  1. Jennette Lynn

    Glad I got it.
    This tent was easy to setup, it’s held up with 4 tent poles, that go into pockets at their ends and have ties for the middle. I set it up in about 5 minutes. I did have to go inside the tent to set it up. The inside is quite roomy, my 3 year old, 9 year old and 10 year were all able to sit in it when it has nothing else inside. My toddler likes to keep her flat bean bag in there with her back pillow and blankets and surprisingly still has room in it. Since I received this tent she has used it everyday so I definitely recommend it if your looking for a play tent.

  2. Berta B

    I bought this during the quarantine to help keep my 5 year old occupied. It was packaged well and easy to assemble. However I did get a little bit of fiberglass embedded in my fingers as the parts of the poles that slide into the connectors are not finished edges. That really is my only complaint. Seems to be well made, we had it set up in 3 minutes. My little guy was so happy he played in it all afternoon and begged me to sleep in it that night. I find him in it all the time. It really is his little happy nest for some alone time. We even got some battery powered string lights from camping and stuck them in between the poles and fabric inside the tent so he can read or just play. His imagination is totally sparked, which is so delightful. This was a great purchase and I can see him enjoying this for at least a couple of years. It would be big enough for a couple of kids to play in easily, I’ve gotten inside with him a few times and it is pretty nifty.

  3. Amber

    Very well made and durable:
    Y’all, let me tell you… my son is W. I. L. D, rough and tough on every toy he owns and this has held up so nicely so far. It can be tipped over, but not super easily, it has just enough weight to it, but its not super heavy. It generally stays put unless he lays over on one side purposely. Has cute little mesh windows and the door flap rolls up and can be tied to the top. Material is nice as well and doesn’t feel cheap. It is basically exactly the same material a real tent would be made of. It comes with 3 well-made fiberglass tent poles that tie in and STAY in place so they don’t get knocked out during playtime. So nice and so cute.

    It is a nice size tent. My son is 2 years old, 3′ tall and has PLENTY of space left to stand. There is enough space that even I can crawl in with him and play with him, another toddler all with his little bean bag chair in there too. (They’re both 2 years old). I am 5’7″ and can stand on my knees in there and my head doesn’t touch the top. It also takes up a bit of space in my small living room.

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