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Soft Plastic Kids Play Balls

(6 customer reviews)


✔ NON-TOXIC & CHILD SAFE… Revamp the kids ball pit or pool with our ultra safe 50 Phthalate & BPA-Free Polyethylene balls; means no worries while the kids have their fun

✔ PERFECT FOR BABIES’ HANDS… to join in with the ball-throwing fun as our pit balls are made small-sized & without rough edges, to protect those little fingers

✔ VIBRANT & VERSATILE FUN… 6 bright colors to keep little ones captivated – Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, & Orange. Play rolling around, color-counting, & shape games

✔ EASILY WITHSTANDS WILD PLAYTIMES… Crush-Proof & Air-Filled Plastic Balls that will survive any toddler rampage! Easy to keep clean and look fresh for everyday fun.

✔ NO-MESS STORAGE BAG… comes with a sturdy mesh bag that holds everything together to free-up the living space; means no more balls underfoot anywhere in the house

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A home ball pit will keep your kids excited, but not for long if the balls get easily crumpled. Our plastic balls are crush-proof to
survive regular play from your baby or toddler. Click ADD TO CART now to set up your kid’s favorite hangout right in your backyard today.


Ball pits are hands down one of the best “happy” ideas we came up with. It’s amazing how swimming in a sea of small colored balls creates good vibes
for adults & kids alike. But there’s more to these little pit balls. Here are a few more fun ideas: Pool floaters Birthday decoration Camping/Scouting games Easy exercise props for kids Color & number games for preschool Indoor battles & sieges (for kids at heart) HOW MANY PACKS TO FILL A KIDDIE POOL?

50 balls are enough to cover the bottom half of most regular-sized kiddie pools. Other customers who like much deeper ball pits prefer to fill up with
600-800 balls. The latter would be much more interesting for slightly older kids.


These don’t come with any holes at all. They’re air-filled to keep them from getting crushed too easily so all points are smoothly sealed up.

No need to worry, you’re covered by our 100{7860d40d034f1641602c3c54ef3b0f6c2f3624340c979018eddef1fb160fc2cc} Money Back Any Reason Guarantee, no questions asked. Click Add to Cart
now to set up your kid’s favorite hangout right in your backyard today.

6 reviews for Soft Plastic Kids Play Balls

  1. sunsetatdawn

    Colorful and durable, perfect combination.

  2. Lynda Sappington

    Very good quality for the price. I bought these balls as a training aid for my small dog (14 lb. Havanese). The balls were put in a cardboard box and small treats were sprinkled over them, then I shook the box so the treats fell under the balls. My dog was supposed to root around in the balls to find the treats and he quickly learned how to do it! He used to be extremely shy and timid, but the t training I’m doing with him is really building his confidence!

  3. Meg Daehling

    Fun and educational. I really like these balls from Fox print. The first thing that caught my attention was the reusable zipper bag to keep the balls stored in. The size is 2.5″. They are designed to fit in the hands of a toddler. There are 50 balls and come in 6 bright colors: blue, red, pink, green, yellow, and orange.

  4. Sunshinehappy

    Non toxic, durable and big balls!! I teally like these balls!! I got one bag for my little one for learning colors and she loved them instantly! These balls are crush proof, durable for toddler or parents to step on them, it might happen. I like the color options too, great solid basic colors, the red one could be a bit more red, but all other 5 colors are great!

  5. Becky Peters

    I bought these balls to go in the pop up ball pit I purchased previously and they have worked out wonderfully. My daughter and son have had hours and hours of fun throwing these balls in the tent and in the tunnels.
    As a mom, The surprising positive I have loved is teaching my little guy (almost 2) his colors.
    He loves balls any kind of ball so to be able to play with a huge group of balls at one time was so exciting to him. He would pick one up and I would tell him the color, then I would ask him to grab a green one. He might grab a blue instead but I would say that’s blue. He was playing but I was using it as a learning opportunity.
    Today he picked up a strawberry and said momma Red! You don’t always need expensive toys to teach with, sometimes it’s good old fashioned fun, in this case the soft plastic balls that he can throw and jump on and no one gets hurt in the process!

  6. Alli D.

    Nice quality soft balls. My son LOVES these balls. We bought one of those combination playmat/ball pit things when he was an infant, but I was disappointed that it came with so few balls. These are actually nicer than the ones that came with the ball pit, the plastic is thicker and they are a bit firmer, but still squish a bit. Definitely not hard enough to hurt if they get thrown at you and unlikely to break anything they hit.

    50 balls seems like a lot, but really isn’t. I bought 2 sets of 50 and kind of wish we had more.

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