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Space Themed Pretend Play Tent

(7 customer reviews)


  • Foldable for ease of use – a safe place to play in both indoors and out, this collapsible play Tent folds flat and is easy to store in places that are out of reach from children when playtime is over. Also, this outdoor play Tent is Lightweight enough to be portable and PRACTICAL for babies, toddlers, and little children alike that they can carry it anywhere with them.
  • Spacious enough for multiple kids – This pop up play Tent is large enough to accomodate three or more children, plus toys, and other kid-sized furniture. Not only that, but it’s high enough to provide ample air ventilation and at the same time, Make it easier for adults to supervise the kids.
  • Ideal indoors and outdoor use – this durable play Tent can be set up pretty much anywhere indoors or out, allowing adults to give their little ones their own private space where they can play to their heart’s content. At the same time, This pop-up play Tent makes it easier for parents to monitor children for their safety while playing.
  • Top quality materials – our rocket ship play Tent encourages physical play and stimulates the imagination while ensuring the safety of the child inside. Crafted from sturdy and easy to clean fabric that is water-resistant, non-toxic and safe for children, the breathable materials of this foldable play Tent also allow children to stay cool while playing inside.
  • Perfect gift for all occasions – let your child’s imagination run loose inside their very own rocket playhouse. Whether you’re looking for nice present for your child or for a friend’s child or a relative, this play Tent is the ideal gift that will not only put a smile on their Teeny tiny faces, but also their parent as well!


Get ready for an adventure! Are you ready to set your child and his or her friends off on a great journey to space and beyond? Well, look no further than this Rocketship playhouse! The easy-to-set-up rocket ship play tent is perfect for cultivating your child’s imagination and make him or her feel like a true Astronaut.

The best part? It doesn’t take more than a minute for your child to have a space shuttle parked anywhere your child wants it to be. Now, all your child needs is a matching Astronaut costume and she’s all set! Why your kids will love it just big enough to fit a pair of budding astronauts, this folding play tent is the perfect space shuttle companion.

Crafted from high-quality, durable, and breathable materials, this Rocketship playhouse holds up well with minimal assembly and once playtime is over, it folds flat and is easy to tuck away until the next space adventure. Get a space shuttle tent today! Whether as a gift for your own child or for a friend’s child, this Play Tent is sure to light up any child’s face and give them hours upon hours of imagination-filled entertainment. So, what are you waiting for? Liven up playtime for your little explorers and order this Kiddie play tent today so you can have a rocket play tent sent over to you as soon as possible and give your kids an out-of-this-world adventure!

7 reviews for Space Themed Pretend Play Tent

  1. Jennette Lynn

    Glad I got it. This tent was easy to setup, it’s held up with 4 tent poles, that go into pockets at their ends and have ties for the middle. I set it up in about 5 minutes. I did have to go inside the tent to set it up. The inside is quite roomy, my 3 year old, 9 year old and 10 year were all able to sit in it when it has nothing else inside. My toddler likes to keep her flat bean bag in there with her back pillow and blankets and surprisingly still has room in it. Since I received this tent she has used it everyday so I definitely recommend it if your looking for a play tent.

  2. Berta B

    Delightful fun!
    I bought this during the quarantine to help keep my 5 year old occupied. It was packaged well and easy to assemble. However I did get a little bit of fiberglass embedded in my fingers as the parts of the poles that slide into the connectors are not finished edges. That really is my only complaint. Seems to be well made, we had it set up in 3 minutes. My little guy was so happy he played in it all afternoon and begged me to sleep in it that night. I find him in it all the time. It really is his little happy nest for some alone time. We even got some battery powered string lights from camping and stuck them in between the poles and fabric inside the tent so he can read or just play. His imagination is totally sparked, which is so delightful. This was a great purchase and I can see him enjoying this for at least a couple of years. It would be big enough for a couple of kids to play in easily, I’ve gotten inside with him a few times and it is pretty nifty.

  3. Amber K.

    Sturdy enough for rowdy kids.
    Very well made and durable:
    Y’all, let me tell you… my son is W. I. L. D, rough and tough on every toy he owns and this has held up so nicely so far. It can be tipped over, but not super easily, it has just enough weight to it, but its not super heavy. It generally stays put unless he lays over on one side purposely. Has cute little mesh windows and the door flap rolls up and can be tied to the top. Material is nice as well and doesn’t feel cheap. It is basically exactly the same material a real tent would be made of. It comes with 3 well-made fiberglass tent poles that tie in and STAY in place so they don’t get knocked out during playtime. So nice and so cute.
    It is a nice size tent. My son is 2 years old, 3′ tall and has PLENTY of space left to stand. There is enough space that even I can crawl in with him and play with him, another toddler all with his little bean bag chair in there too. (They’re both 2 years old). I am 5’7″ and can stand on my knees in there and my head doesn’t touch the top. It also takes up a bit of space in my small living room.

  4. Murata

    Good value and looks good, kids love it!

  5. DJ GodsOwn

    My grandson loves this
    So my wife and I bought this for our grandson when he comes over. We had gotten one for him from Walmart but it was terrible and the “poles” were plastic and breaking and you’d get splinters in your hands from the plastic splintering. We ended up throwing it in the trash. The poles on this tent are a much better material and don’t break and splinter. It’s very easy to get setup and move around. You can setup this tent within 5 minutes once you understand how it’s meant to be put up.He loves it and loves looking out of the windows at us haha. I’d highly recommend this for a kid with a good imagination, especially at this price point. It’s good quality and comes with a bag for storage. A+++ product.

  6. Denise J

    Perfect.. would definitely recommend it!
    Looks great amazing. It is soo easy to assemble. Takes only 5 min or so . Worth the price. My 5yr old loves it plays in there.. the only thing I noticed the same day I got it the sewing or sowing how ever it’s spelled .. just look at the picture lol .. but not a big deal .. oh I would recommend putting a blanket or small playmat something inside so it could be comfty if you have hardwoodfloors.. if I had the choice to purchase it again I def would!!

  7. Sharon

    Yes! Buy!
    My 6 year old daughter loved this! The makeup eyeshadow is actually pretty pigmented so a little goes a long way and it is easy to remove! The nail polishes peel right off which is perfect incase they make a mess. Blush is also good and a little goes a long way. The lipstick I loved because even though it looked bright red, it have her pale lips just a rosie touch so it didn’t look extravagant. Perfecet for kids to use for play! My only con is that I wish the eye shadow was a little bigger since he went through it so fast. Goes to how how much she liked it.

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